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Grass, a trustworthy digital marketing agency in the Cayman Islands
Grecia Iuculano
Digital Marketer

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to keep up with the latest trends, that’s why everyday many people around the world decide to rely on a trustworthy digital marketing agency to create their brand, promote it, and generally take care of everything. Much easier!

The problem is that not knowing the topic, not being experts, sometimes it is very hard to choose the best digital agency out there, the one you can trust and that really understands your needs.

Grass is a full service digital agency and marketing consultancy company focused on delivering industry leading results based on the principles of integrity, honesty and reliability. We know how hard it is to trust somebody with your brand, trust and transparency are non-negotiable in business: we always operate with a friendly approach and our customers’ best interests in mind!

We provide a wide array of solutions in the digital landscape including original websites ‘design and creation, e-branding services, digital marketing consultancy and the production of visual materials. You can check all our services on the dedicated page what we do. But the most important thing we can give you, is trust: we will do our best to help you with your project and mission. Pinkie promise!

So we decided we would like to share something more about us with you, on a personal human level, more than the digital agency service one.

Grass is a family run business, made of International people that studied, lived and worked all around the world, before deciding to settle in the Cayman Island and create a life here. Living everyday in this ecosystem, and having the international perspective of what we experienced before in other countries, in the tech and digital marketing field, we saw an opportunity. What exactly? We noticed how the average digital standards of the area were not comparable to the modern international trends, and how on the other side, prices sometimes are not really fair or in line with the quality of work delivered.

Being passionate about the digital world, we decided we wanted to create a trustworthy digital marketing agency in the Cayman Island, to provide friendly and professional services at reasonable prices, with high-quality international digital standards. Is it a joke? No, that’s just the reality!

The Cayman Islands, compared to other countries, offer a very good environment to establish a company, thanks to the very advantageous taxation system, and we want to make the difference sharing this with our customers, offering our services at fair rates. We want to help locally all those people looking for international standards that normally have to go abroad to find what they are looking for, and on the other side, we want to give advantageous rates to all those people that live in countries where the cost of services and taxation is higher. Sharing is caring!

With all of this in mind, we understood there is a market here in the Cayman Islands in need to be taken care of, the digital market, an environment that needs a revolution in what regards quality standards and pricing, in order not to have to pay a fortune to create a good competitive digital image. We want the digital world to be affordable to everyone at the same way! We want to make the difference!

If you resonate with the same values as ours, and have a digital project to develop, feel free to get in touch with us and have a free consultation. It will be our pleasure to assist you!